Posted by: professorepler | October 3, 2010


COMPLAINT: audience demand is limited and continues to be the excuse for producers of cinema making the same thing over and over.

WISH: audience would demand greater diversity of style, content, and kinds of cinema

IMPLICATION: this requires new distribution channels and a huge cultural shift in taste.

COMPLAINT: artists making films for foreign awards with foreign money, which does not support a self-sustaining industry nor address local issues in a way that is accessible to local audiences.

WISH: more collaboration and ingenuity at home to make it work

IMPLICATION: A new approach to funding and self-distribution and marketing

COMPLAINT: distributors not willing to take risks on new material (or anything that doesn’t resemble Egyptian films)

WISH: more risk

IMPLICATION: entrepreneurship, re-thinking the future of Arab media and its audiences, financial legislation that encourages funding for films, enforced quotas for the number of imported film in theaters and on television.


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